Fly Control The Australian Way

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Fly Control The Australian Way.

So, I’ve traveled around a bit. I’ve been to a number of countries. Australia has not been one of them. My wife however has been. That was a dream of hers as a young adult. She read everything about the country, its culture and what the locals like to do. You could drop her off in Sydney or almost any other city and if she could see a street sign or landmark, she could get back to where she needed to be.

I was telling her that I wanted to write about pest control and natural remedies from around the world. She was telling me that the Australians wore something called a “cork hat”. It is basically a hat with a loose floppy brim that has corks hanging around the brim of the hat with string about two inches apart and two inches long

Fly Control

As long as a person is moving his/her head, the corks sway around back and forth, side to side and works similar to swatting the flies away with your hands. The upside is, you don’t have to use your hands. Sounds a bit bizarre to us perhaps, but in the land down under, it has become as common as the cowboy hat is to Texans.


The hat was invented by the natives of Australia. You guessed it, the Aborigines. It was worn by the homeless and people of low income and has adapted through the years to become the official hat of Australia.

So the next time you’re sitting on the patio and have some flies buzzing around your head. Head down to your local Walmart, grab a hat with a big brim and attach a bunch of corks around the edges. You can invite your neighbors over and have a few drinks and look really silly or you can call Extermital Termite & Pest Control and we can take care of the problem for you.

The neighbors will be much happier if you call us.


Fly Control The Australian Way

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