Pest Control Of The Future

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Pest Control Of The Future:

400 final-year engineering students from Polytechnic were showcased at the SP Engineering Show this year. The challenge was to try and solve real life problems that affect us on a daily basis from all walks of life.

One of the top winning projects was developed by three of top students, something that could possibly make life easier for pest control professionals on a global level.

Pest Control Assistant:

A couple of the bigger challenges for pest control professionals is the extermination of bee hives. In the past, the pest control professional has had to wear heavy gear and wear face protection which can be a bit limited in what you can see. From this point, they have to spray to eliminate the hive and then remove it. The other is inspection of rooftops, trees and areas that are hard to reach.

The Solution:

The Pest Controller’s Assistant, uses a specially built unmanned aerial vehicle that will allow the pest control specialist to control this vehicle in flight by remote control. It also has the capabilities to spray chemicals while in flight directly onto the hive to exterminate them.


Until this comes in production and we  see 1st hand how effective it is, we will still have to do it the way Extermital Termite & Pest Control has for years. Right now in the Cincinnati area, we are looking at snow on the ground and record blizzards all around us, it is not too early to start thinking about spring and the flying little insects that sting.

Did you know that we have monthly, quarterly and annual plans to treat your home or business? Now you do!

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