4 Tips on Winter Pest Control

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What Pests Are Active In The Fall And Winter And Why I Need Professional Pest Control In Those Months

4 Tips on Winter Pest Control

As the seasons change, pests come and go. Some become more active during certain seasons, and this article will highlight pests that are more active during fall and winter and how to control them.

As summer comes to an end, bugs and insects like fleas, stinging insects, and ticks linger around homes seeking shelter and warmth. Meanwhile, an infamous new set of fall pests are getting ready to attack. Some of them include;

• Rodents

Whether you stay in a home or apartment or condo, getting rid of rodents should be your main fall pest control priority. These rodents – particularly rats and mice– are basically the most problematic pests – mainly in the fall! Are you aware, that mice leave tracks of urine when they creep around your home?

Rodents are fall pests you can’t deal with alone. It’s safer to involve a professional to get rid of the infamous pests. These critters will seek warmer areas in the home like your walls, attics, closets, and pantries. What can you do? Carry out a thorough inspection of the exterior part of your home, and look for any holes and gaps where rodents may enter. Also, look out for droppings and bite marks, which can point toward a rodent infestation in the home.

• Flies

Flies are a year-round pest problem if you are not clean and careful. Fly populations increase during the fall because they have had a whole year to increase. So, when temperatures drop, they seek warmer areas to stay in and retreat inside your home. These flies may be hiding inside your home, and you wouldn’t know.

However, as soon as fall’s first warm day comes around, they come out of hiding and infest a home. These pests are also dangerous, and some of the fly species have the tendency to cause lethal diseases such as typhoid, tuberculosis, dysentery, and diarrhea. The species to be on the lookout for are: fruit flies, cluster flies, and house flies.

• Stinging Insects

After the busy summer, the stinging insects can become quite active. Honey bees and yellow jackets, for instance, have been working all summer tirelessly to build the largest nest possible. During this time in the season, it can be a hassle to feed so many insects while food sources become scarce and temperatures drop. Under such circumstances, stinging insects may become extremely hostile because they need a food source.

Why do you need professional pest control during these seasons?

Most of these pests can be gotten rid of by insecticides and traps. However, some insecticides may be harmful to the environment and health of the home occupants. A good pest control technician knows the best methods to use which will prevent adverse effects on the home and atmosphere.


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