Bed Bugs

Bed Bug

Bed Bugs

Facts, Identification & Control


Depending on life-cycle stage, bed bugs can range from translucent yellowish (newly hatched) to rusty brown (adult stages) and even bright red after a blood meal. Unfed, bed bugs are flat and oval, yellow to golden brown with a dark squiggle on their abdomen (that’s their digestive system). After a blood meal, they’re plump and reddish brown (because they’re filled with blood).


As their name implies, bed bugs like to live and feed in beds, where you spend a long amount of time at rest, so they can take advantage of you, their food source. They also live behind baseboards, wallpaper, picture frames, drapery folds, upholstery, in pet beds, and in furniture crevices. They are transferred from one place to the next by hitchhiking in or on suitcases, boxes, purses, and shoes. Elusive and nocturnal, they make their presence known most often through the red, itchy bites they leave behind. At this time, they have not been known to transmit diseases.


Blood; primarily human, but bed bugs will dine on any warm-blooded animal.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs were a problem decades ago when DDT was underneath everyone’s household kitchen sink. This many years later, bed bugs have made a comeback. They are much more resilient due to adaptation to the overuse of such chemicals, but also because the types of pest control products available today are not as deadly and much more conscious of our health concerns. Bed bugs are effectively controlled today with the right partnership and intelligent strategies. Various methods, such as conventional products and cautious monitoring are very successful when done right. Bed bugs are NOT a DIY pest and if you think you might have them, contacting a professional sooner rather than later will help gain control of a problem quicker.


Bed Bugs

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