Facts, Identification & Control


Dark brown; about 1″ long, with forceps-like clippers extending from backside.


Earwigs prefer areas that are dark and damp. They live in clusters outdoors in tree holes, under piles of lawn debris and mulch, and under objects lying on the ground. Earwigs also live in exterior cracks and crevices of buildings, which is how they access the interior of buildings. While they look dangerous, they can’t bore into human ears or eat eardrums, which is a commonly heard myth about the earwig. They can however pinch you, which can be unpleasant.


Omnivorous; earwigs feed at night on leaves, flowers, fruit, mold and other insects.

Earwig Control & Prevention

The key to controlling earwigs is not only to reduce moisture on interior areas of your home, but also to find and treat the places where they congregate and live. Installing a dehumidifier inside can help reduce moisture levels. Treatment may involve removing debris, mulch and other objects from your yard as well as a thorough investigation and treatment of cracks in your home’s exterior.

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