Facts, Identification & Control


Small and slender, 3 to 4 inches long, with large ears, small eyes and pointed nose. Light brown or light gray. Droppings are rod-shaped.


Shrews are very territorial, with burrowing tendencies just like voles. Living in mostly rural or wooded areas, the shrew is closer related to the mole than it is to the mouse. They live underground, can climb trees, and even live underneath snow in the winter. They don’t hibernate, have poor vision, excellent hearing and smell senses and constantly forage for food.


Shrews have insatiable appetites and will eat 80-90% of their body weight in seeds, nuts, worms, vegetation and insects every day.

Shrew Control

The most effective way to keep your home protected from shrews is to seal up any possible crack or crevice in the structural foundation of the building to prevent them from accessing your living spaces. A baiting system installed on the exterior perimeter may also help control populations.

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