Facts, Identification & Control


Tiny, about 1/6″ in length; reddish brown and flattened.


Fleas live on the bodies of animals and feed on their blood. Because fleas usually feed and lay their eggs while an animal is sleeping, your pet’s resting area is where the most fleas will be found. Pets get fleas from being outside in the yard. The cat flea will attack both cats and dogs. Its flat shape allows it to pass easily between animal hairs.


Larvae feed on organic debris, particularly the feces of adult fleas, which contain undigested blood. Females need to feed on animal blood in order to produce eggs.

Fleas Control

Controlling a flea infestation requires treating your pets, the inside of your home, and flea activity sites outside all at the same time. To treat pets, consult your veterinarian and follow the instructions of recommended flea control products. Prior to a professional flea treatment inside your home, items need to be removed from the floors and clutter needs to be reduced to eliminate potential harborage areas for fleas to hide. Running a vacuum over as many floor surfaces as possible will “activate” any eggs that are lying dormant, making the treatment more effective. Carefully discarding the vacuum bag after use will prevent captured fleas from spreading throughout the house. Wash and dry on high heat, or replace pet bedding. We advise NOT to use flea bombs or over-the-counter fumigant cans to treat for fleas yourself as this can actually make them spread worse and could potentially be a hazard to your health.

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