Why Extermital Termite & Pest Control?


Terry Teague

Because Extermital Termite & Pest Control has been here almost since the start of Pest control. The first pest control company was founded in 1901. Extermital Termite & Pest Control was founded in 1936.

A well-known builder at the time, William McCain, decided he needed a way to protect his buildings from termites. As there was no ready-made solution in those days, he teamed up with a company called Monsanto and developed a series of patented treatments, some of which still exist today!

Since McCain’s time, Extermital’s baton has been passed several times, but its current owner, Terry Teague, has been at the helm since 1981 building Extermital’s success and great reputation. Under Terry’s guidance, Extermital has grown to become one of the largest independent pest control companies in southwestern Ohio. His secret, he says, is simple if not always easy:

“Take care of the customers you have, and you’ll always have customers to take care of!”

It’s Terry’s way of saying that service, not marketing, is the number one priority at Extermital; and as an Extermital customer, you’ll always come first; that’s a promise from Terry Teague.

Extermital Termite & Pest Control

They say history repeats itself, and that’s been especially true for Extermital since a huge percentage of our business comes from current customers who refer their friends, family, and neighbors to us over and over again. And because of that strong customer support, we’re able to invest in the best people, training, and equipment, not just bloated national ad campaigns. So trusting Extermital for pest control means you’ll be supporting your local economy and getting the best service in the industry. Now that’s a stimulus package! Call or contact us today to schedule a consultation for your termite or pest control needs.

Service Over Sales

Extermital owner Terry Teague has a unique way to sum up how he feels about our customers: “Take care of the customers you have, and you’ll always have customers to take care of!” We’re committed to service, not just sales. People can see this philosophy shining through in everything we do, and they recommend us to their friends and family because of it. This happens so much in fact, that we’ve grown into one of the largest independent pest control companies in southern Ohio!

You will be completely satisfied, period. That’s our commitment to you and you can believe it because Terry Teague has stood behind it for 28 years. Call us today to speak with our pest experts about your home. You’ll be glad you did.

Extermital’s Mission Statement

Extermital’s mission is to be known for superior service. We are committed to providing the best pest control services possible in a professional, courteous and environmentally conscientious manner that maintains the well-being of all our customers.

Our Customers Love Us

Real Extermital Testimonials by Our Customers

At Extermital we encourage our customers to rate our service and share their true opinion. This page compiles a large number of unedited, real reviews by Extermital customers that we have collected over all the years we have been in service.

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    “Take care of the customers you have, and you’ll always have customers to take care of!”.

    Your satisfaction is our goal. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we will work with you until you are.
    Terry Teague - President of Extermital.