Norway Rat

Norway Rat

Norway Rat

Facts, Identification & Control


Gray, brown or black, with small eyes and ears and tails shorter than their bodies; up to 12 inches.


The Norway rat is the largest and most common structure-dwelling rat in the world. In rural areas it lives in fields, wooded areas and farms, and in urban areas in vacant lots and buildings. It nests in burrows underground and may enter buildings in search of food. Due to its large size, it needs a hole about the size of a quarter to enter a building. Once inside, Norway rats can chew through wiring, causing fires. Removing them often requires professional rodent control expertise. They are known to spread numerous diseases.


Norway rats will eat practically anything, including pet waste in backyards, although they prefer meat, fish and cereal.

Norway Rat Control

Successful rodent control is a multi-faceted effort that includes routine inspection for signs of activity, placement of baits to control an existing population, and continued efforts to prevent inviting them into the structure. Removing their food and harborage sources will make your property less inviting. Seal any holes larger than 1/4″ wide. Sloppy trash receptacles or dumpsters, dripping faucets and open food in pantries are open invitations for rodents.

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