Spider Beetle

Spider Beetle

Spider Beetle

Facts, Identification & Control


The spider beetle is about 3mm in length with pale yellow legs and a glossy reddish brown to black abdomen. They look to be in the spider family, but they’re not. They cannot fly.


Near a dry, stored food source is most likely where you will find these pests. They can withstand harsh freezing temperatures and are very hardy.


Spider beetles eat mostly grains and dried stored products, but they also have been known to eat dried vegetables, spices, pet foods, fabric, nuts, animal skins, beans, rice, cereals, paper and wood, dead insects, dried fruit, feathers and hair. When food is not available, these insects will go into dormancy and will survive without food for numerous years, waking up when conditions improve and food sources are available again. They don’t need water.

Spider Beetle Control

Like other stored product pests, finding the source of their presence is the key to eliminating these pests. Once discovered and eliminated, vacuuming, cleaning, and applying a material to the affected areas will control and eliminate the population.

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