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Autumn brings stinging Insects

Autumn brings stinging insects: Batter up and sting! Ouch! Autumn is known for many things. The kids are back in school, football season is about to begin, and the leaves paint a colorful canvas that we all look forward to every year. Until all those beautiful leaves fall on the ground and we have to rake them up. That’s not so fun.

Fall brings with it cooler temperatures, but it also brings an influx of stinging insects. This is because stinging insects colonies have reached their capacity, making them more aggressive than they were earlier in the summer.

Understanding Behavior

Stinging insects, such as wasps, hornets, bees and yellow jackets have been busy all summer building their and fortifying their nest or colonies so that the queen can thrive and survive through the harsh winters. Think of it like the insects of winter proofing their homes, so by the time September rolls around they are out in full force to get the job done. The urgency to get the nest, hive or colony winter proved for the queen makes the insects more aggressive and stings are more frequent. Even if you do not intentional mean to disturb their home, they will attack. It’s best to take steps to avoid coming into contact with stinging insects this time of year.

Tips to Avoid Being Stung

The weather is wonderful for soccer games, outdoor activities and walks in the park. However, be mindful of your environment, especially around the outside of your home. There are some common sense precautions you can take to avoid being stung, such as wearing shoes outside so you don’t accidentally step on a stinging insect. It’s also a good idea to keep trash in closed garbage cans.

You might also cover food or drinks when you eat outdoors to avoid attracting stinging insects, and if one does start buzzing around you, do not swat at it. Swatting at the insect will only make it more aggressive.

Keep your windows and doors screened. Pay close attention to outdoor play sets also. Seek medical attention if you are stung because you might have a serious reaction.

What’s the Difference? Bees vs. Wasps

There are some simple things that can help you identify what insect is buzzing around your head.

  • Bees have have plump bodies while wasps are slimmer.
  • Bees also look a bit fuzzy, but wasps are sleek and almost shiny looking.
  • Bees pollinate and wasp are predators feeding off other insects.
  • Bees are calm and wasps are aggressive.
  • Both insects have a venom in their stinger, but bees sometimes die after they sting someone.
  • Bees live in a waxy looking nest, while wasps have a nest that looks almost papery.
  • And, don’t forget the hornets and yellow jackets!
  • Yellow jackets can do a lot of damage around your home and generally nest inside your attic.
  • Hornets can actually sting multiple times and their venom is usually more harmful to humans than other wasps species.

What to do?

Reactions to stings, especially in children, can be severe. And, stinging insects are more aggressive in the Autumn months, particularly September, than any other time of the year. If they feel their nest or colony is being disturbed or threatened, they can swarm and you risk being stung.

If you notice stinging insects around your home or spot of nest or hive, contact Extermital Termite & Pest Control immediately at

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Autumn brings Stinging Insects | Extermital Termite & Pest Control

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