Tips On Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Tips

Tips on Mosquito Control. Are you unknowingly attracting mosquitoes to your property? Mosquitoes can breed in as little as a ½ inch of standing water, so even items containing water the size of a bottle cap may be mosquito magnets. The diagram below shows the areas around the home that may be prone to mosquitoes.

  • GUTTERS -Remove leaves and other debris from gutters
  • FLOWERPOTS -Pour out stagnant water from owerpots and planters
  • GRILL COVER – Make sure water isn’t gathering on top of the grill cover
  • BABY POOL – Don’t let water sit in baby pools for long periods of time
  • BIRDBATH – Frequently change out the water in birdbaths
  • LEAKY PIPES -Repair any leaky pipes or faucets
  • TIRES – Drill holes in the bottom of tire swings and wheel barrels to allow water to drain
  • TRASH CANS – Ensure trash cans are tightly sealed and lids aren’t ipped upside down
  • BUCKETS -Remove water collecting in buckets and toys
  • PONDS -Keep swimming pools and ponds adequately treated


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