Quarterly Peace of Mind Service (four-month service) – Rodents, General Pests & Termites

  • Crawling insects such as roaches, ants (ants excluding Carpenter & Pharaoh), spiders (excluding Black Widow & Brown Recluse), crickets, pillbugs, centipedes, millipedes, rodents, termites & mosquitoes if chosen.
  • Annual termite renewal Initial: Inspect & treat all interior areas as needed.
  • Exterior removal of all spider webs within 15’ of the ground attached to the structure. Application of product to minimize the chance of spiders being able to attach webs to the structure.
  • Strategically place 4 tamper resistant rodent bait stations around the exterior perimeter of the structure.
  • Install Sentricon with Always Active Technology around the exterior of the structure.
  • Inspect & treat al exterior areas around the perimeter of the structure to include around windows, doors, eaves (within 15’), decks, etc. targeting entry/exit points for crawling insects.
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