Raccoon in your Attic

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Evicting Raccoons From Your Home

You wake up early to scratching noises coming from the ceiling or walls and aren’t quite sure what it is. Don’t worry, even though Halloween is upon us, you’re most likely not living in a haunted house and don’t have the boogie man trying to come in to get you.

After rubbing the sleep from your eyes, washing you face and climbing into the attic, you see a set of small green eyes come into view in the far corner. In the attic we go. As you close in those little green eyes, you see the critter come into view. Its a Raccoon!

Now the big question. How do we get rid of it, and how is it getting into your house?

A couple of things you can do. The first of course is to walk around your attic and see if you can find any openings they might be able to squeeze in through. Raccoon only need a hole about the size of a grapefruit. You also want to inspect the outside of your home as well. Look around the eves of your house, look high and low for any opening they might be able to invade your home.

Something you might want to try is grab your morning newspaper and find any small holes. Bunch up the newspaper and fill any holes that you can cram it into. A Raccoon will have no problem ripping the newspaper to get back in. And ta da, you’ve found out where the vermin is coming into your home.

Don’t Invite the Raccoon In

You may discourage raccoon’s from living in and around your home or parks by taking these steps:

  • prevent access to food
  • keep trash containers tightly closed
  • close off access to attics and basements
  • keep sandboxes covered when not in use (raccoon’s may use sandboxes as a latrine)
  • remove fish ponds — they eat the fish and drink the water
  • eliminate water sources
  • remove bird feeders
  • clear brush so raccoon’s are not likely to make a den on your property


Removing The Pesky Critters From Your Home

This is where it becomes a bit more difficult. You will read online that some people suggest that you play a radio very loudly in your attic and use strobe lights. Multi-sensory harassment is suppose to sway them from coming back in. I tried this once and with my 007 stealth mode, I opened the attic door and three Raccoon were disco dancing. Not the result I was looking for. Their are times when you need to call a professional in and this is defiantly one of those times.

In closing, if you are able to get rid of the Raccoon yourself. You will notice that they more than likely left you a little lift while living in the attic. Raccoon feces. You really should contact a professional to remove both the Raccoon and the feces. Raccoon are known to carry roundworms! If you do decide you want to do it yourself, please read how to do it properly following guidelines from the Center for Disease Control’s website.

Happy Halloween!


Raccoon in your Attic

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